About Shubhlaxmi Agencies

Founded in 1971 by the house of Jaisalmerias, SHUBHLAXMI AGENCIES, till date stands as an icon of ethical business practices in the disposable surgical product market in the State of Rajasthan.

Down the time lane SHUBHLAXMI AGENCIES has catered to the requirements of central & state government institutes, public sector undertakings, all the small and big hospitals and private nursing homes, and last but not the least, to the retail outlets and the chemist stores of the local market. Whatever was the requirement, SHUBHLAXMI AGENCIES always had a tailor made solution to fulfill the demands of its ever valued customers.


SHUBHLAXMI AGENCIES is one place on the globe where the customer and his requirements are given the top most priority, and here the motto is to excel through commitments and ethics. Needless to say, SHUBHLAXMI AGENCIES is an enviable bridge between the principals and the customers.

The entire portfolio at SHUBHLAXMI AGENCIES, since its inception, has been managed by the eminent brains of the Jaisalmeria family, which is a manpower mix of medical graduates, law graduates, commerce and management postgraduates.

Currently the business in toto at SHUBHLAXMI AGENCIES is being run under the supervision of Dr. Ashish Jaisalmeria, who happens to be a medical graduate from SMS Medical College, Jaipur. Dr. Ashish Jaisalmeria is a die hard mathematical person believing in systems and system implementations. His vision of SHUBHLAXMI AGENCIES has been laid down so as to showcase, encourage and promote business startups, innovative and enterpreneurship ideas, always having a broad open visual perspective for the future and considering the profits to be a byproduct of the business cycles. He believes to run the business on ethics and fulfillment of commitments.

Currently located at a prominent road at the major industrial hub, Vishwakarma Industrial Area in Jaipur City, SHUBHLAXMI AGENCIES has a floor area of 8000 square feet with abundant scope to increase the premises. The office is well equipped with all the latest technological gadgets so as to meet out the current business scenarios.

To sum up, SHUBHLAXMI AGENCIES believes in the philosophy of marching ahead on the road laid down by the stones of ethics and the gravel of commitments.

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  • Recent Accolades
  • 1. Winner at BD Distributor Meet 2004

    2. Best sales award in south east asia in 2005 by Omron Healthcare

    3. Gold winner – north & east in 2006 by BD India Ltd.

    4. Highest Sales Contributor in 2009 by 3M India Ltd.

    5. Highest Sales Award in 2010 by 3M India Ltd.

    6. Highest Sales Award in 2011 by 3M India Ltd.